PT PANDU EQUATOR PRIMA (PEP) is a company providing design service, materials procurement, installation that mainly focus on geosynthetic product, such as Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogrid, Geocomposite, Perforated Pipe, GCLS, Geobag, Vertical Drain, Gabion, and other specialized products. Geosynthetics is a material that is applied as substance for soil stabilization, whereas the industry sectors that utilize these materials are in the transportation, engineering, marine & hydraulic engineering, strengthening earth structure and also environmental engineering.

The target market for using geosynthetics product are for government projects (general labor service), private project, mining and oiling, and other related industries.

PT PANDU EQUATOR PRIMA (PEP) in it's operations have been supported by a number of well-known principle corporation, local and international and also supported by sound management system and capable human resources.

PT PANDU EQUATOR PRIMA (PEP) business principle is to provide finest service to customers, in providing product quality, product selection, competitive price, and on time delivery.